"ASEAN-China Durian Industry" February 3, 2024 At Chanthaburi Hall, Chanthaburi

ASEAN-China durian industry

Meet the workshop "ASEAN-China Durian Industry" At the event Fruit Creative Fair 2024

  • How to manage durian business to survive?
  • Overview of durian growing in China and the future of the Chinese durian industry.
  • The future of Vietnam's durian industry
  • The future of Vietnam's durian industry
  • How is Indonesian durian now and in the future?
  • Overview of Thailand's current and future durian industry.

Join the dialogue with the real voices of the durian industry in each country to get a picture of the world durian industry, particularly the ASEAN and China regions.February 3, 2024, from 10 am to 16 pm At Chanthaburi Hall, Chanthaburi Mall

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